Re-engineering and Support

Re-engineering and Support

Re-engineering and Support

Papasiddhi provides re-engineering and support for business processes through focusing on all operations. As business transforms and grows, it invariably increases business complexity. Redesign internal processes, trim operations and models must be constantly reviewed by management to stay competitive and to maintain high performance level.

Through re-engineering and support, operation processes, outsourcing evaluation, business relocation, exit and downsizing management, our company re-engineer and restructure support services to help businesses to improve their efficiency in operation and achieve sustainable growth. In managing the transition process independently and designing the strategy, we assist our clients by saving their time so that they can focus on other business activities.

To achieve sustainable growth and improve operation efficiency, our business helps in re-engineering and restructuring support services.

In due course of time, any established product becomes outdated. For example: upgrade a product catalyzes product support, etc. This process for action is expensive and difficult. A product for the solution is built for potential clients in a wide segment. A migration of products to a new platform and to a mainstream technology is the aim of business owners.

On our extensive experience of application re-engineering and support is capitalized by us to help businesses achieve their business goals. In legacy systems, Papasiddhi has a proven re-engineering methodology that is carefully analyzing the business logic and legacy application set, then mining with a tool based approach that appraises the investments. Tool based reverse engineering is comprised by our re-engineering technology migration system, data migration and forward engineering. A smooth transition process is ensured by this methodology.


  • Code re-structuring
  • Re-architecting
  • Platform transitions
  • Delivery and Migration to new software delivery model
  • Porting and data migration
  • Re-documentation
  • Application re-engineering and Legacy systems
  • Enterprise application integration
  • User interface upgrade and technology
  • Language conversion


  • By the re-engineered application, procedures catered
  • Opinion of stakeholders from the effort about the advantages
  • Post migration for future business goals
  • The current mode of operation with business problems

Implementation : How we start and proceed with the implementation

  • Knowledge transfer
  • New system tuning & optimization
  • The product to be migrated with assessment
  • System construction, specification and QA (System implementation)
  • Technology selection, platform for research and supported technology
  • For the project, creation of detailed specification and research of data domain
  • Prototyping and system planning (creation of interaction protocols, selection of architecture and technical specifications for separate modules)
  • Creation of project documentation (source code detailed description and system architecture description including comments in code to built-in)

Software maintenance


  • Onsite and offshore maintenance
  • Bug tracking & reporting
  • Design, research, and implementation of new features
  • The product functionality ’s fine tuning
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing


  • Perfective maintenance (software must be maintained for the performance)
  • Evolution maintenance (to existence, the final product must evolve)
  • Design, the errors in specifications and implementation must be corrected
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Stay competitive and to maintain high performance level in re-engineering & support for,

Software development enhancement & maintenance

Accelerate the creation of your software products by our offshore product services that help make schedules predictable.

Re-engineering and Support


We offer language change/ translation or re-engineering cross platform environment change, query languages, database engines, data formats, regardless of the mix of OS.

Testing & validation

As per the end users perspective, we provide clients quality services and testing in an application.


For meeting your application maintenance and support requirements, we can serve as the perfect long term partner.

Fine-tuning and optimization services

On development projects and ensure robustness and reliability, we perform code reviews by applying industry proven code review.

Migration & implementation

Reliability, scalability and better user interface ensured by the migration also maximizes access to critical data including implementation that serve by us

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