5 Powerful Link-Building Techniques to Boost Your Business Online

Over the last few years, the SEO landscape has evolved tremendously. While keyword stuffing was the most emphasized on earlier, it’s ignored by Google now. Also, low-quality spun articles are no more acceptable; rather penalized by Google.

Moreover, if you use spammy backlinks from forum comments or article directories, it’d affect your ranking. On the contrary, quality backlinks from authoritative websites will increase your rankings.
One key thing is that backlinks still play a crucial role in the search rankings of Google. In order to get ranked in the search engine rankings, a particular website page must have contextually relevant backlinks pointing to the domain or the page.

But, here arises the question as how to build links to boost your website authority? And the answer to this is:

Eye-Opening Content

According to Mark Schaefer, renowned Social Media Consultant, “Controvery is more sustainable than high-quality content as it sells more comparatively. And hence, it helps you get more back links than high quality content. In short, the amount of content produced is more than being consumed.

Practice Guest Blogging

Your link-building strategy must include guest-blogging. Look for bloggers, freelancers and companies from your niche who could allow you to contribute your write-ups on their sites or blogs. This way you can get backlinks. The better the website you post your article or blog on, the better quality backlinks you earn. Also, the longer the length of the article, higher would be the number of backlinks. You must link your guest blogs to the articles you have written on your blog or on some other sites. This will soon help you get more recognition and traffic as well improving the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

Infographic Can Be a Bait to the Fish

What appeals you the most – text or a visual? Obviously, visuals. Same goes for your audience; they also prefer visual content than textual ones. Hence, using infographics can prove to be an effective strategy to get backlinks. Hire professional designers who can assist in creating quality and informational infographics. This can attract a larger number of your audience.

Spy on your Competitor’s Website

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s works can be one of the best increasing sales through backlinks. While there are a trillion backlinks on the web, you can find at least five close competitors covering similar subjects to your websites. Identify them and monitor their back links regularly. Try to understand their strategies and provide values to these links similarly. Once you begin creating high-quality content on a regular basis, it is likely that you explore a few back links of your own soon.

Go Professional

Lastly, hire professional content writers like PapaSiddhi for your page. A well-informed content is a great way to attract your audiences and earning more backlinks. Such writers hold expertise in producing high-quality content that can help increase your readability. In order to create fresh and original content consistently, hiring a professional SEO content writer can help you in the long run.


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