Android App Development Strategy to Compete in the Evolving Market

Android App Development Strategy to Compete in the Evolving Market

Android App Development Strategy to Compete in the Evolving Market

According to a survey, India will have over 810 million smartphone users by the year 2021. The study also mentioned that only 16% smartphone users were there in India by the end of 2015 in comparison with 44% worldwide. It expected to rise by 58% in India and 81% all across the globe by the end of 2021. Hence, it also offers many money-making business opportunities for mobile app development companies. This is because smart phone users globally, particularly in the developing markets are looking for feature-rich apps for various purposes in their daily life.

Besides, you might be surprised to know that a majority of smartphones are Android-based with over 84% user base. Because of its numerous benefits over other operating systems including usability, affordability, and user-friendly interface that people in developing countries prefer android smartphones first over other platforms.

As such, it becomes the responsibility of app development companies to define a surefire strategy in building Android apps for the developing countries.

How? Check out here!

1. Determine the Needs of your End-Users

You and your app should be for the sake of your target audience. Hence, before you proceed with the idea of developing an Android app, determine the need! This means that work on and research in-depth about the problems of your audience, This will help you understand the purpose of developing the app better. Also, you might be able to plan the app well and decide on the features and functionalities to add into it. You can expect your app to be accepted and loved only if your audience would get what they actually need.

2. Develop a Powerful Android App

It is very important to develop an app with proven strategy in order to make it flowing. From unique conceptualization to error-free testing on real devices, a complete process needs dominant leadership for managing the app development process strategically and powerfully.

3. Decide on Paid or Free

It is very essential to decide whether to make a free or a paid android app. Or to develop an app with some locked features that can be used when the user pays for it. This is an important factor to consider. All this helps in alluring more users compared to a paid app. You can also partner with other companies to promote their products through your app and give users a good discount when they earn some points. This is called in-app mobile advertising. With the help of ad banners, your app has chances to get good revenue.

4. Prepare your Marketing Plan

In order to increase the visibility of your android app, implement foolproof marketing and optimization activities. Remember, your aim is to rank your app on the top listing of the Google play store to increase traffic on your app. Hence, make qualitative research to determine the reasons that lead to maximum downloads. Also, it becomes important to create brand awareness of your app using icons, attractive graphics, features, videos, descriptive screenshots, etc. To increase the ad conversion rates and organic growth, the app localization becomes a significant marketing aspect to make mobile apps successful.

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