Content Creation Tips: How to Write your Best Blog?

Content marketing is at its hype and one cannot deny the fact that “Content is the King”. It truly is! Hence, blogs are flooding in from everywhere on the internet and the number of blog posts is multiplying day in day out. However, not each blog post is worth a read and hold on your readers for long.
On the contrary, each blog CAN BE created such that it attracts more and more readers. Offer your audience what they are looking for and it can greatly help you attract more.

To cater your audience and make your content popular, here are the 3 magical steps to create content that will solve the purpose of your business!

Step 1 – Write a Productive Piece

Let me ask you one thing, what is your purpose of writing blogs? Why do you think people should read your blog? Confused!

Blogs are a great way to share information to a majority of people altogether. If you own a business and writing a blog, your aim is to spread information about your company and products to the people. Isn’t it? This means that you should write content that bring value in your readers’ lives. Every time you create a blog post, your goal should be to encourage your audience to challenge them creatively.

Here are a few tips to write a great content:

> Let your content length flow; make it as informational as possible
> Lengthy content is more likely to come under the notice of Google.
> Remember, blog posts with 2000-2500 words get more readers, shares and likes.
> Format your blog post to make it consistent for the readers to read it.
> Add headings, sub-headings, lists and sub-lists to give it a proper structure.

Step 2 – Beef it Up

With this, we mean to strengthen your content. You can start this by making a title that is eye-catching and interesting. Think of multiple title alternatives for your blog and pick the one that feels attention-grabbing. While creating the title, think what emotion would you like to trigger in your readers. Play with words like “revolutionary” or “life-changing” to add weigh to it.

You can also upgrade your content by adding a few things like checklist, email list, or a podcast episode. All these additional things will help you to foster a much stronger relationship with your audience, and have a super high conversion rate.

Step 3 – Let them ‘Visualize’ It

It’s time to add extra ‘toppings’ to your content. Include visuals to your content like images, video clips, social media icons to make it more pleasing to the readers’ eyes. Your blog should be based on ‘Show more tell less’.

According to a study, when people listen to some information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information till three days. But, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, readers can retain 65% of the information three days later. Hence, a mix of text-visuals can prove to be a great marketing tool.

Last but not the least, promote and share as much you can! Do not forget the rule – 20% content and 80% promotion. So, keep sharing!

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