O-MG Google unveils Android O with a Million New and Awesome Capabilities

Google recently released the new Android version ‘O’in the form of developers preview. While Google has still kept it a silence on the name the new release, speculations are made it to be called as Android ‘Oreo’. The new OS comes with a suite of small enhancements and a few large ones. In short, it is aimed to make life easier for Android users in near future.

Google has introduced a gamut of new features and APIs in its new release including notification channels, Wi-Fi Aware, a picture-in-picture mode, and many more.

Let’s dive into the pool of improvements and new features.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode

With this feature, smartphone users will be able to do multiple tasks in the same video, like mailing or chatting or using other app in the same window, simultaneously. This is somewhat similar to the televisions. This smart feature in Android O allows custom interaction and setting the aspect ratio like play or pausing.

Notification Channels

Android O’s notification feature is the most talked about! It comes with an integrated system that assist users in managing their notifications using the categories of the app. Now developers will be able to make a notification channel for various types of notification to help send or response notifications according to the choices made by the app users. Hence, notification contents now have visuals, grouping and app-defined categories. Also, users can easily manage notification channels now.


Android O offers complete support to the high-quality bluetooth audio codecs, just like the LDAC codec. This latest version comes with ‘Wi-Fi Aware’ feature and has extended Connection Service APIs. These APIs allow third party calling apps to communicate with the system UI and operate with other audio apps without any flaw. Such useful features make it possible for supported devices, nearby devices and apps to locate and collaborate using Wi-Fi needless of an Internet access point.

A Pool of Colors for Apps

Finally, Google has implemented this long time awaited feature! It allows imaging apps to be optimized for new devices that have the potence for a wide-gamut color capable display. For displaying wide gamut images, an app need to load bitmaps with embedded wide color profile.

Background Limits

Android O is expected to boost battery life in devices and increase their overall performance. This feature is aimed to limit some specific areas such as background services, location updates and implicit broadcasts. Now developers can build apps having less impact on battery as well as devices with increased performance.

Wrap Up

While the announcement of Google about the launch of Android O has raised the hopes of getting more efficient Android devices, one should remember that it is just the first developer preview. We can still expect a few more previews. However, Google has shared its road-map for future releases which reveals that the next up is an “incremental update” and “beta.” This is expected to launch sometime in May. Let’s hope for the best to come soon.


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