Subscriptions Based Model (SaaS Model) – The Key to Incredible Growth

Subscriptions Based Model (SaaS Model)

Customers these days look for a simpler and hassle-free shopping experience. For this reasons, more and more businesses are jumping into the subscription space (SaaS Model)  and experiencing incredible growth.

Understanding the SaaS Model

Unlike those traditional methods, subscription-as-a-service refers to an innovative and alternative way of accessing software.

Earlier, the software would usually be purchased as a whole and installed on a device. However, in case of SaaS model, the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet. While the traditional software model might seem easier to sell, there are several advantages to subscription business models, both for the business as well as the customers. Netflix, DropBox, Office365,, etc., are all examples of this model.

Further, SaaS can be used by enterprises that are into:

-Business Planning
-Accounting and invoicing
-Performance monitoring
-Tracking sales


Benefits of the SaaS Model

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, SaaS business model can have several positive impacts on your business operations, finances and customer-relationships.

Convenience and Predictability

As a customer, you just need to pay a flat rate for only the services you use. For every subscription service you subscribe to, you do not to do multiple chores. Subscription billing also allows customers manage their budget more accurately.

From the standpoint of a business owner, subscription payments offer regularity and stability to them also. When you have an accurate picture of incoming revenues, it gets easier to manage things.

Stronger Relationships

When it comes to subscription model, it is not about completing a project done and moving on to the next. Instead, it lets the developer to work as a service provider and grow a relationship with the client. In addition, we try to cater to the changing client’s business or design needs. In addition, it helps build a substantial level of trust with the client.

This is because the client knows that the service provider understands their business and has their best interests in mind.


This business model offer greater flexibility to the customers. Firstly, applications can be accessed anywhere, anytime via any internet enabled device, like smartphones, tablets and desktops. Secondly, often the updates are cost-free and deployed automatically by the service/application provider. Thirdly, applications can often be modified to suit the needs of particular customers.

At PapaSiddhi, we offer SaaS model based services to our clients. To find out more, visit our website or contact us for a free trial today.

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