Why is it Significant for Start-ups to Focus on Android App Development?

It is rightly said, “The world is in your pocket today!” The easy availability of smartphones and numerous mobile apps installed in them have narrowed down the gap between information and the customers.

Wondering? What’s the first thing you do when you hear about a new product in the market? You look for information about it on the smartphone or relevant app in it. Isn’t it?

It is because of this reason that online businesses are moving their website-based business to mobile apps. Not just this, there are other significant factors of having a mobile app, such as easy navigation, faster operation, occupies less storage on servers, stronger enough to handle web traffic, and much more.
According to global statistics, Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of 87.5% as compared to other OS based smartphones. Also, last year, Google announced that over 1.4 billion active Android devices are there globally. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai revealed that Android devices has doubled in India and Vietnam in last one year.

All the above stats clearly signify the increasing popularity of Android app development in the current time. Businesses are generating huge revenues by moving their online business to android mobile apps. Hence, focusing on android application development can be significant for start-up mobile app development companies getting them growth and success.

Below are a few advantages that startups companies can get through focusing on android app development:

Higher ROI

Android is an open source platform. This makes development very affordable for the developers as they can access the SDK and other development tools for free. Further, there is a large pool of android developers in the market with updated skills. Therefore, startups need to invest only in hiring experienced resources and app marketing. Once the app is created, it stands a big chance to yield profits.

Opens Up Adequate Opportunities

Millions of android apps are downloaded everyday by mobile users worldwide from Google Play store. This signifies that users are looking for more innovative apps that can serve their needs in easier and faster ways. For this reason, a majority of the organisations are hiring android developers to develop apps specific to their business. In such a case, startup companies should focus on android app development by setting up correct resources in place, and present their creativity and innovation using android. With this, they can cater to ample of opportunities in the market.

Increased Productivity

Android Development platform offers a large number of code libraries that are available to the developers for use. Such readily available scripts just need to be executed, which in turn saves huge amount of time and efforts in developing a specific feature from scratch. Hence, developers can achieve higher productivity and release app much faster in the market improving the product launch time.

Market Promotion and Customer Reach

One of the prominent business benefits of an android application is that businesses can get open publicity on Google Play. Since there are millions of users visiting Google Play every day, it becomes easy for your app to get noticed. In addition, you can also choose marketing plans on play store to advertise your android app and get higher number of downloads.

Wrap Up

Mobile app development startups lack resources and run short of budget. As such, android platform turns out to be the best development platform for them to develop and maintain the mobile apps. Moreover, the android app market is booming at rapid speed making Android even more preferred platform to launch your business app in the market. So, if you have a mobile app startup then start focusing on Android to yield more profit.

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