New outfits of react native app development

New outfits of react native app development

The following monologue will focus on the new features of react native app development but before you go direct to the good stuff let me introduce you with what actually the react native app development is with the people how have no to a very little idea about it. As you know that Having a mobile app is critical for many businesses in the digital-first world we live in. Deciding what platform to use to develop your app though can be tough. But here the savior comes.

React Native is a JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications that can run natively on both Android and iOS. It is based on ReactJS, developed at Facebook in 2015, which is a declarative, component-based framework for developing web user interfaces (UIs).

Both tools are highly popular: at the time of this writing, ReactJS and React Native were the 4th and 21st most-starred repositories on GitHub. So I believe now you at least have a clear picture of what react native app development is. It’s time now to elevate into its new features after that what the point of the whole blog is.

New features in react native latest version


The new React Native build comes with greater accessibility. The announcement For Accessibility API has been improved from the previous one. Which now makes it more hassle free. There are also changes in roles, action support, flags, and much more. There are various other improvements as well like support for “reduction motion”, better android keyboard accessibility options, CALayer for drawing text etc.

Project Extractions

Well, the netinfo and the webview have been made into separate repositories. This has been done to make the Lean Core projects more easy to develop.

The new version has been completely migrated. Also, based on the feedback by the community, Geolocation has also been removed from there.

Upgrade Helper

The tool has been developed to convert an older written script of React Native into a newer one. With the Upgrade Helper, you can easily see the difference between the old and the new script. Although, in order to upgrade the script, one can also select the option of ‘Show me how to upgrade’.

A improved start screen

The new version start screen arrives with the latest launch. It is believed to be more user-friendly because it displays helpful guidelines like Documents links, editing App.js, the ways of aligning with the upcoming website redesign, and the ways of beginning the debug menu. Made it alot easier to re-design, insert and do corrections.

New version carries a Part of React Native For iOS

Presently, React Native for iOS has come up with CocoaPods by default, which is an app-level reliance manager for Objective-C and Swift Cocoa projects. From now on, developers are advised to open the iOS platform code with the use of the xcworkspace file.

In addition, the specifications of Pod for the internal packages have been upgraded to make them compatible with the Xcode projects that will help with debugging as well as troubleshooting.

So these were some of the newest features that one can witness in the latest version of React Native. We here at PAPASIDDHI also have a great team of app developing soldiers.

We have made various projects using React Native. In case, if you want then you can contact us on our website where details are well mentioned. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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